Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rattana Pok's life story

How did I miss this book when it was published last October? With a title this long, I must've been looking the other way! Rattana Pok's memoir When Slaves Became Masters: A true-life story of a little boy before, during, and after the unfathomable evil of Pol Pot’s regime, is a self-published real-life narrative of his experiences growing up in Cambodia. Pok was born in the southwest of Cambodia, in Kampot province, in 1964. He managed to get to the United States in 1981 and has been an interpreter since 1993, currently working for the US Dept. of State, interpreting for numerous Khmer delegates and dignitaries on tours, conferences and training sessions throughout the US. and abroad. His life story is available through Amazon.

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My apologies to Sarith (the groom) and Sreyla (the bride) for forgetting to post a picture of the happy couple during their wedding party celebrations on Saturday 16th. I even had my hair cut especially. It was my eighth wedding party in the few months that I've been living in Phnom Penh and this one was held at their home in Prekreang village, miles out in the Takhmau countryside. It was the usual riotous affair, especially weddings out in the sticks, but surprisingly, I wasn't the only westerner present. In fact, I felt affronted that other foreigners were invited - just kidding. Anyways, here's the happy couple.

The happy couple: Sarith (left) and Sreyla

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