Tuesday, February 12, 2008

CISARK to the rescue...in French!

Bingo! A new website has opened up called CISARK which will make searching for information on those long-lost Khmer temple/prasat sites a little easier - if you can read French, which I can't - bugger! It's been set up by the Inventory Office of the Cambodian Culture Ministry and the French acronym is Carte Interactive des Sites ARchéologiques Khmers, or in English: Interactive Maps of Khmer Archeological Sites. It's been developed to incorporate archive documents, photos, maps and publications gathered together by researchers, including some of those hard-to-find tomes, while it's still developing further with English, Japanese and Khmer language versions to follow. More than 2,000 archeological sites have been visited on the ground, around 3,000 catalogued, and they are quickly accessible through several search levels - by name, location, inventory number, etc. To visit the CISARK website click here.

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