Monday, February 04, 2008

Fun and laughter

Tut Vy and Sou Ey with the author at the summit of Phnom Chisor
These two ladies were selling cold drinks and snacks at the summit of Phnom Chisor mountain yesterday and provided me, and vice versa, with half an hour of entertainment with their cackling and shrieks of laughter as I practised my Khmer. They are Tut Vy and Sou Ey and initially serviced me with cold drinks and hand towels as I reached the top after a long climb, and then before I left the mountain, I stopped for a longer chat. They were interested in all aspects of my life, from my job and of particular interest was my marital status. They found it hard to believe my age (as in their words, I looked so young - these ladies know how to curry favour) and after a few minutes of prodding and pinching my skin, and checking my teeth and hair, they declared themselves smitten - accompanied by more cackles and shrieks of laughter. They themselves live in a village at the foot of Phnom Chisor and make the same climb to the top every day. Interactions like these are priceless for my part and will only get better as my Khmer vocabulary improves beyond its current pathetic level. Nevertheless, I was able to keep Tut Vy and Sou Ey entertained and that rounded off a fun visit to Phnom Chisor in great style.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andy, you can do it. Khmer is not really hard at all to learn. Maybe it looks hard, but once you get the hang of it, it's really basic and easy. Good luck. Practice makes perfect, especially you have that great opportunity unlike anyone else to come into contact with so many Cambodians. This makes your Khmer better, I'm sure.