Monday, February 18, 2008

Ethereal and full of grace

Four different costumes from this morning's classical dance performance. LtoR: Sopheap, Limsothea, Chanmoly & Bunnavy
Here are some more photos from this morning's classical dance performance hosted by Amrita Performing Arts in the company of the Culture Minister. The costumes and stylized movement of the dancers were ethereal and gracefulness personified throughout and told a story much like a mime. The kbach hand gestures and accompanying foot movements require years of practice and stretching at a young age so the limbs become very flexible. The cast was all-female and they played all the roles, neay rong (men), neang (maidens/heavenly creatures) and yeak (giants). I'm kicking myself for not finding out the full story of this morning's performance but Savin was busy as you can see from the photos and I was busy taking pictures! As far as I could make out the main story-line was centred around a male character (the King) rescuing a damsel (the Princess) in distress, but don't quote me on that. Savin's costume was very ornate and embroidered with sequins and she wore a mokot headpiece to denote her status as a divinity with its tall single-spired crown. On her right ear was a rose and a phuong (flower tassel made from jasmine and michelia blossoms) on the left side of the crown. I will find out more and post the result of my findings in the comments section in due course. For now I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Onstage and 'in the moment' - Vicheaka is the dancer

The main performers and orchestra take their bow at the end of the show

Two of the lead characters pose after the performance, Vicheaka and Mony

Savin (left) and two of her heavenly half bird, half human colleagues, Vichary & Sopheap pose after the show

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Andy said...

Okay I have some more gen but the correct spellings of the performance still elude me. Sorry!
The show was conceived by Ms Pen Sokhuon, one of the country's best classical dancers of her time. Its the story of a King (Omnarot) and a Princess (Orsar) who fall in love and have to overcome her father's wrath (he's Krongpean, King of the Giants) and eventually they live happily ever after - of course!
Savin's group of five dancers dressed in yellow and blue costumes are the Kheynorey, who are heavenly creatures, half-bird, half-human in form. They are Sam Savin, Sam Sathya, Vichary, Hung Sopheap and Sin Sakada.