Thursday, February 07, 2008

Budding pool player

As I never cook anything in my flat, I eat out every night at various food emporiums in Phnom Penh. I have a few regular haunts like the Rising Sun near the riverside for my English pub-grub fix, or my fave Thai restaurant Bai Thong on Sothearos, or at another riverfront location at Bopha Phnom Penh, where the best Khmer chicken curry can be found. Nearer home I frequent the Red Orchid on Street 278 at least once a week because 1. the family who run it are ultra nice and, 2. the food is good and cheap. They also have a pool table and on my last two visits I've been far too close to defeat than I care to admit by the oldest daughter of the folks who run the bar. She promises me she doesn't practice as school takes up most of her time but Srey Keo has a keen eye for a long pot and whilst I'm no Hurricane Higgins, she could easily be a pool-playing star of the future. However, that won't happen as she really wants to be a doctor, even though she knows it'll take years of study to make the grade. Srey Keo is the oldest daughter of the owners, Sarak and his wife, Srey Thom. They also have a younger daughter and son. If you want to meet a nice Khmer family, put them at the top of your list.

LtoR: Dad Sarak, Srey Keo and mum, Srey Thom

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