Sunday, February 03, 2008

Boys will be boys

Four of the next Cambodia Olympic dive-team line up for the camera at Thnal Dak
You can find a scene like this almost anywhere in Cambodia where there's a group of boys and a lake, pond, river or moat. It's a scene as common at Angkor Wat as anywhere else. This group of boys, half a dozen in total, were having fun at Thnal Dak Baray, a large expanse of water near to Wat Srah Keo - itself about a kilometre from Route 3 and some fifty kms from Phnom Penh -which they told me is used by local boatmen for practice before the water festival each year and which the locals use for bathing, washing, fishing, diving and more besides. The squeals and shouts of laughter told me they were having lots of fun and each boy took turns to out-dive the last one. For modesty purposes I asked the boys to cover up for the team photo. This diversion was part of my Sunday visit to Phnom Chisor which had been a great success, with stories and photos to follow over the next few days.

The boys had great fun jumping off one of the racing boats
This was what I used to know as a belly-flop
The most dramatic jump of the session

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Wanna Khan said...

Hi Andy,

This post is funny. It reminds my childhood--I was a happy-go-lucky boy, going to the rice-fields, hunting for crabs, frogs,.. and bathing in a lake,...

However, I understand the worries of parents for their children joining some of the games.