Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More from Chisor

A large linga held under cover of a large sheet within the main vihara at Phnom Chisor
Where will it all end you may well be asking, well at least you have a short break from the copious number of lintels to be found at the hilltop temple site of Phnom Chisor. Instead, here's a selection of photos from the main sanctuary. It's a very interesting temple, there's a lot to see including a large linga within the main prasat, which the fortune-tellers keep covered with a yellow sheet most of the time. The wooden doors to the main altar with guardians stood on pigs were found buried underground nearby and are said to be as old as the temple (which I took with a pinch of salt). A number of miscellaneous carvings and sculptures are dotted around the temple site, including decorative lintels, antefixes, nagas and this lion head which looks as though it was used as a water spout at the rear of the tower. The two large pedestals in the bottom photo can be found in the eastern corridor overlooking the dramatic stairway to the two sanctuaries below.

These two temple guardians are stood on the backs of pigs on the inner doors of the central prasat
A lion head used as a water spout at Phnom Chisor
Two large pedestals in the eastern corridor of the main sanctuary at Phnom Chisor

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