Thursday, February 14, 2008

Art will survive

The Art of Survival exhibition at the Meta House on Street 264 in Phnom Penh has been open since the end of last month and I've already featured a few of the artists on my blog, namely Vann Nath, Svay Ken and Hen Sophal. In case you can't make the exhibition yourself - it's a catalogue of work where the artists were given a blank canvas to document their reflections on what the Khmer Rouge period meant to them - I will post a few more examples of the work currently on show. Meta House is open six nights each week from 6pm.

A gallery wall at Meta House, with three Hen Sophal paintings in the foreground

A dramatic painting by Piteak that hangs above the main door to the gallery

Another Piteak exhibit, that was added only last week to the exhibition

A painting by the female artist Sokuntevy Ouer, selling for $400

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