Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tonle Sap in print...

Two months ago I received an email from Allan Lee in Singapore asking if one of my website's Cambodia travel tales could be published in a quarterly trade magazine, Tourism Asean, that does the rounds across the globe amongst travel agents and tourism fairs. Always keen to help promote a country I love dearly, I tweaked the story a little and sent off some of my photos. Hey presto, the June edition of the glossy magazine arrived on the doormat today with my 'Tonle Sap - The Great Lake of Cambodia' story gracing three of the central pages, with accompanying photos. There was also a nice hefty link to my website.

No cash changed hands, just the satisfaction of seeing one of my travel tales in print, even though it was written as long ago as April 1998.
To read more of my travel tales and titbits in print, you can do no better than get hold of a copy of the unique guidebook compiled by Kim Fay and published in September 2004, called To Asia With Love : A Connoisseurs' Guide to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand & Vietnam. You can read all about this book, lovingly put together by Kim (pictured) with photos from her sister Julie. It really is a fascinating book - I would say that wouldn't I - as its packed full of anecdotes and unique secrets from a group of contributors, each in love with their country of choice. Don't delay - buy it today!


Anonymous said...

this is murli menon
i read your article on great lake in cambodia and would like to visit it. i am leaving for cambodia in 4 weeks.

i wrote apiece in the same tourism asean as your article on tioman island

Anonymous said...

i read ur great lake article
i am a fellow contributor to tourism sasean
did u read my article on tioman malysia which is in the same issue as your great lakes one.

mail me zenlp@rediffmail.com