Monday, June 19, 2006

Angkor in 3D

In Australia's Monash University, lecturer Tom Chandler is working hard to recreate the glories of Angkor using sophisticated visual and simulation computer technologies, as the picture above shows. So far his 3D animation lasts little more than twenty seconds and took six months to create, but its the green shoots of a virtual heritage technology tool that could have a dramatic impact on the study of ancient cities like Angkor by scholars. Chandler's fascination with Cambodia took hold when he worked on an excavation project at Angkor, but its also a family trait, his dad is David P Chandler, the leading authority on modern Cambodian history. The younger Chandler previously worked in graphic design and multimedia in London and New York before moving to Australia in 2001. His work, under the title Visualising Angkor, was shown in Phnom Penh in February to generate enthusiasm amongst young Khmer animators.

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roundsquare1 said...


Glad to see you're still doing stuff in Cambodia. We've talked years ago when I had my travel site up

Hope all is well.