Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Steel Pulse frustrations...

For the last few years whenever reggae legends Steel Pulse play concerts in England, you'll find me skanking with the best of them at the front of house and occasionally over the water in Europe if I can afford it. Read my website's Steel Pulse gig reviews for the evidence. You'd also think that hosting the largest internet website on the band would suggest I'd get to hear of future British gigs, album and dvd releases, etc early doors...well how wrong you'd be!

The band's official website added some future gigs today and I was ecstatic that they were playing at the Beautiful Days Festival in Devon on 20 August - their only British gig to-date in 2006. I mmediately logged onto the festival website to find that the line-up had been made public as long ago as the end of April and that all tickets for the festival were completely sold out before the end of last month. Talk about being gutted....I was also furious. But can do absolutely nothing about it. Its up to the band to announce when they are playing their gigs, so if they decide to delay the announcements, miscarriages like this will occur.

They are playing a few gigs in Europe, so I could flash the cash and hop on an EasyJet flight to somewhere like Eindhoven, which I did in 2003, but my wife has two holidays booked around that time, so cash-flow is against me. I'll just sit here and mope for the next few days, feeling sorry for myself.

An email arrived today from an agency representing the AT&T Bonnaroo Festival to be held in Tennessee this Friday, 16 June. They've asked me to publicise a live Webcast from the festival, featuring Steel Pulse on stage from 3:00 til 4:30pm (Tennessee time) at Of course, I'm only too happy to do so. And if anyone can tell me what time that will be in the UK, I'll be even happier.

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