Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ramvong anyone?

Anyone who has spent more than a few hours in Cambodia, will have encountered the traditional Khmer dance called the Ramvong, which is basically a dance where everyone moves continuously round in a circle and which incorporates graceful hand movements and simple footsteps. Even foreigners can manage it, though some of my own efforts have left a lot to be desired in the past. At one hotel anniversary celebration many moons ago, I was the only foreign guest and was asked by nearly everyone at the party to join them in the Ramvong. Little did I realise that later that night, a video of the party was played on the hotel's tv channel and I cringed as I saw myself struggling to match the natural gracefulness of my hosts.

Well, if you fancy having a go at the Ramvong, the Cambodian Society in the UK - CASUNIK - are hosting a Ramvong Disco on Saturday 1 July from 7pm til midnight at the Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia Community Centre in Whiston Road, Haggerston, Hackney, London (Tel 0207 739 3650). The cost is £5 and the money raised will go towards Cambodian students. To find out more about CASUNIK, go to: And to get yourself in the swing of the Ramvong, try some of these practice moves.

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M|O|N|G|K|O|L said...

Great that such event will be held in UK.. It will be a great chance for us to showcase our traditional dance to British people.. :)