Friday, June 23, 2006

Pete King's brand new Sound System

I've just received this notice of what sounds like a great night's entertainment.

If you love your reggae, dub and rock steady, get along to the New Priory Hotel, Stretton Sugwas, Herefordshire, England tomorrow (Friday) 23rd June for the debut of the 'Soul & Power Sound System'. The Soul & Power Sound System is run by ‘Bookster’ AKA Pete King, producer and manager of Steel Pulse for their first three albums. Bookster started playing Blue Beat when he was 11, only had one turntable but did some great gigs, used to run a big Hi Fi sound system called Shoop Shoop, in Birmingham.

He has just started out again with his original collection, that goes back to when he started. These days called, the Soul & Power Sound System, playing rock steady, blue beat, reggae, island records reggae, lots of rare dub, rare groove, a little funk and soul. The Sound System is high quality, is being expanded for larger venues, expected to reach full steam by the New Year, the train is rollin!! The gig starts at 8pm, everybody gets a welcome Caribbean punch drink, its a fiver to get in, and it will be regular from September. For further info please contact 07733 282968.

Here's a recent picture of Pete with a BPI silver disc he was given for sales of Steel Pulse's first album, Handsworth Revolution.

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