Monday, May 22, 2006

More on Casualty....

With a 25-strong crew and actor group heading out to Cambodia this weekend to film a double episode of the popular BBC tv drama series Casualty, I found that the tabloid newspaper The Sun broke the story last week - am I behind the times or what? As well as a return for Duffy, played by actress Cathy Shipton, the d-episode will be a celebratory one, as the series marks its 20th anniversary in September. Duffy was an original cast member and stayed for 13 years before moving on, returning for another stint and then leaving for a second time three years ago. The script calls for her to enlist the help of her former hospital colleagues, in the shape of Charlie, Abs, Comfort and Guppy in setting up a clinic in Cambodia, presumably where she's been residing since her departure from the series. It'll be intriguing to see how much coverage is devoted to showing us glimpses of Cambodia and its people in the final cut. Role on September. Cathy Shipton has also appeared in tv shows like Doctors, The Bill, Holby City, Taggart and One Foot In The Grave, as well as the film Spice World.

Seasoned blogger and comic specialist, John Weeks, has been running his 'webbed feet, web log' for a long while now and as he's just publicised mine, its only right I should repay the favour. So to learn more about the arts in Cambodia and to uncover a host of links to other bloggers, go to:

Recently, I received an email from a representative of the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, asking me to promote their new e-Visa on-line service. The idea is to access the Ministry's website and enter your passport and credit card details, and hey presto your e-Visa will be delivered to your pc inbox for you to print and avoid those delays on arrival in Cambodia, when at least a dozen immigration officials in uniform take at least 15 minutes to process your visa application. The on-line version costs a few extra dollars but it might suit some of the tourist fraternity to get theirs before they leave home. If you're interested, try it out at:


ThaRum said...

Welcome to the world live web! I am sure I will spare time to read your weblog post.

Anonymous said...

Why does the idea of giving my credit card details to the Cambodian Government give me a cold shudder up and down the spine?

Think I will stick with my mate (Billy) Buntha at the Ministry of Fish and his dubious family connections and thier cheap diplomatic visas...

Lord Playboy

Earnpin said...

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