Sunday, June 10, 2007

Straight Refugees documentary

I've spent this weekend putting pen to paper to try and catch up on my travelogues from my last two trips to Cambodia. I know I have been extremely tardy in posting my travel tales and photos - but I am onto it. Stuffed inside one of my notebooks from my January trip was mention of a documentary film which I had forgotten to pass on via my Blog. So here goes.

Straight Refugees is a 75-minute documentary, directed by Ian White, that takes you inside the story of the forced repatriation of Cambodian-born felons in the United States, back to the country of their birth. Its not an easy transition for the returnees who have little or no memories of their mother country but under a 2002 agreement between the two countries, about 10 felons were scheduled to be deported per month. Find out more about the film at its website.
Another 2006 film on the same subject was Sentenced Home which I blogged in August.
One of the US returnees, Sobil Tuy (aka KK) has formed the Tiny Toones breakdancing collective which gives some of Phnom Penh's at-risk kids a focus and an avenue to express themselves. Read more about Tiny Toones here.

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