Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy People

Instantly recognisable is the happy painting cartoon-like style of artist Stephane Delapree that is widely available throughout Cambodia. Delapree, alias Stef, brings the fun and colour of Cambodia into his work - happy monks, happy mothers in hammocks, happy women drying laundry, happy people driving motorbikes, happy cyclo drivers and their passengers, the list is endless. Born in Paris in 1956, he grew up in Quebec and moved to Cambodia in 1994, opening his first gallery in the lobby of the Sofitel Cambodiana Hotel a year later. There are now seven galleries selling his exclusive designs in-country, the newest being at Pochentong's International Airport in Phnom Penh. And his most recent work is focused on a brand new line, Happy Laos. Stef produces hand made limited edition serigraphs of some of his works on t-shirts and on hand made mulberry paper in acrylics, oils and ink, as well as original paintings and accessories. His success comes from his very own unique style, which you can find out about at his website.

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