Saturday, June 02, 2007

Rana - Cambodian Homestay

Are you looking to experience and better appreciate the way of life in Cambodia's rural community, as a counterbalance to the touristy hotspots of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh? If you like the idea of mixing with locals and finding out about contemporary village life, enjoying home cooked meals straight from the garden, with walking tours, countless photographic opportunities and activities like palm sugar production or thatching, then a few days with Kheang and her husband Don in Rana, their Cambodian country homestay may be just what you're looking for. The homestay is a few kilometres east of Kompong Cham city, close to the mighty Mekong River, rates are very reasonable and families are especially welcome. Kompong Cham is just a couple of hours by bus from Phnom Penh and sees relatively few tourists. Find out more at their website. I anticipate homestay to become a popular alternative to the sanitized version of a country that most tourists experience, so this is an opportunity to discover one of the first homestays in Cambodia.


Andy said...

Battambang Homestay:

An enterprising moto-driver/guide in Battambang City called Sambath has jumped onto the homestay gravy-train (or should that be 'Norry'!). The homestay he operates is 15 kms outside of the city in the village of Tapon and lasts for 2 days.
You can fimd out more about the Battambang Homestay at:

Andy said...

Not to show any favourtism, you can also try out Khmer Village Homestay, a unique community-based tourism site which captures the essence of village life in the heartland of Cambodia, located in Baray in Kompong Thom province.
Here's their website link: