Friday, November 16, 2007

Knight in shining armour!

Aon (left) and Dolly - on the way into the city for the 1st time
My good deed for today was to collect my Thailand e-pal Dolly and Aon from the airport and escort them to the bus station next to the Central Market for their onward journey to Siem Reap. It was their first-ever visit to Cambodia and they wanted to meet a friendly face on arrival - so I volunteered. Someone had to do it. Dolly, an accountant, and Aon both live in Bangkok and have travelled quite widely, with Aon recently returning from a trip to London, Manchester and Leeds! They tucked into breakfast at a street stall near the market and I left them, bursting with enthusiam for their new adventure, with their bus seats booked - $4 apiece with Phnom Penh Sorya bus company - and a room confirmed at the Shadow of Angkor guesthouse in Siem Reap. They will be back in Phnom Penh on Sunday for an hour or so before they get back on their plane and head home, having experienced Cambodia in the blink of an eye! I'm sure they'll have a great time.

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