Monday, November 19, 2007

Friends from Thailand

LtoR: Dolly, the author & Aon
LtoR: Sophoin, Dolly & Aon
In recent posts I mentioned a couple of friends, Dolly and Aon, who came to Cambodia for the weekend and who left for their Bangkok home yesterday afternoon. Above are two photos, one taken with some old guy who was wandering past (!) and the other in the grounds of the National Museum - I think you'll agree, four very attractive ladies, though the one at the back doesn't say much!
I was dismayed this morning to hear that the Cambodian Premier League football competition has just ended. Yesterday. I was planning to watch a couple of games in the next few weeks as I am seriously missing my fix of live football - it's simply not the same on the tv - but I'm too late. NagaCorp were the league winners of the eight-strong semi-professional league, with a 5-1 win over second-place Khemara. The season ended on a bum note when the game between RCAF (the Army team) and Build Bright University was abandoned after six red cards were issued by the referee. Wish I had been at that game!

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