Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Top level of Angkor Wat closed

I don't have all the details just yet, but a little bird told me yesterday that the Apsara authorities have closed access for tourists to the very top level of the amazing Angkor Wat temple (located near Siem Reap in Cambodia for those reading this blog for the first time). I know the steps are very steep and shouldn't be attempted by everyone (quite a few Korean/Japanese tourists have fallen down and broken limbs I'm informed) but this is a massive blow for travellers to this wonderful temple. The views from the top are simply stunning. If I hear anymore, I'll let you know. Let's hope its a temporary closure and they are building some safety rails - but I won't hold my breath.

Actually, I will be out of action for a few days, so blog posts from me will be at the best, sporadic, for the next week or so. My apologies beforehand.

Update: 9 October - sorry to my regular readers but I've been delayed longer than anticipated.
Update: 10 October - Apsara tell me that the top level has been closed for restoration purposes and a new route through the Angkor Wat temple has been introduced for visitors in the last few weeks. It means that tourists entering and leaving the temple will take different routes.
I also hear on the grapevine that the opening of the new Angkor National Museum, on the road to Angkor Wat, has been re-scheduled for December. Its been a long time in the making and the finishing touches are currently being added. More when I hear it.

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