Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Phnom Penh - a place to call home

I’m here at last. I’ve landed in Phnom Penh to begin a new chapter in my life. I’ve been here many times before of course, but this time it’s for keeps. I have a new job, I have a place to stay, and I have a new beginning as an expat in this bustling and vibrant city some 6,300 miles away from my former home. I am excited and apprehensive in similar measures, it’s a country I know well and love to bits, but I’m out of my comfort zone and that brings with it a certain degree of nervousness. But one thing I have in abundance is that I am in a country where I’m surrounded by friends. They’re what made me decide to venture out here for this brand new start in my life, they have sustained me on my thirteen previous trips to this beautiful country and I’m sure they will be my rock for my first few months of life here in Phnom Penh. Stay tuned for further developments and for a look inside my new Phnom Penh life.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Cambodia, Andy!

Bob Uva said...


I've started following your blog since my friend, Kilong Ung, referred me to it. I hope to make it to Cambodia myself some day. Good luck with your move to Phnom Penh.


khmerbird said...

welcome to Cambodia :)

Wanna said...

Hi Andy!
Welcome to Cambodia! I'm so excited to hear that you have a job and a place to stay longer in Cambodia. And of course, I'm looking forward to seeing a day that I could meet you face-to-face(I will finish my study in Vietnam in February next year, and hopefully to return and work in Phnom Penh, Cambodia).


Location: said...

Suo Sdei pu barang) :)
Congrats and best wish with your new life.

You must have loved Cambodia so much to give up your comfort life, that's a very big decision. Good luck to you, pu barang chet Khmer.

Genuine Cambodian are amazingly kind, they give their last penny to you if you're loyal to them,you're like god if they like you.

In this new era, be aware of the fake Cambodian, very common to see them around.

ThaRum said...

Couldn't make it see you in one of your previous visits.

It doesn't matter now since we'll be able to meet occasionally, if not frequently. Probably we'll encounter each other somewhere in Phnom Penh, but hopefully not in a jungle. ;-)

Let's say home sweet home if you'd consider Cambodia your second home. Svakum!

Andy said...

Thank you all for your kind welcome. Its appreciated.

Rachel Madden said...

Hi Andy

Wishing you every happiness & the best of luck for your new life in Cambodia

Rachel x

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,
I can't believe it! You moved to Cambodia!! Well, I wish you well with you current endeavour...An old friend from your long long time forum reader.

Paat said...

Welcome to Cambodia, home away from home! I lived in the same neighborhood, just a few block from Hanuman as well. But now I'm in the States, my new home for the next two years. So your blog will be like a window to home for me. Keep it nice, and best of luck in your new home!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Cambodia! I can't believe it, you moved to Cambodia. Wow, that is amazing. Good luck with your new life in Cambodia. I hope to meet you in Cambodia. I am a fan of your site since 2000. You sparked my interest in Cambodia and provided with salivation of information for Cambodia.