Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Priceless friendships

Whenever I'm in Kompong Thom I meet up with my best pal, Sokhom and his family, as well as a variety of neighbours and friends. My last trip was no exception and the following photographs are of Sokhom, his wife Sroy and their bright-as-a-button daughter Kunthea, who repeatedly gets the top student award at her high school. If anyone deserves the chance of a scholarship to study at one of the country's leading universities, its Kunthea. She is a model student and never stops trying to learn, whether its in improving her English language or trying to find out more about the world outside Cambodia. Her ideal job would be a doctor though she is realistic enough to know that the cost is prohibitive but she is prepared to study hard and achieve as much as she can despite the family's limited resources. The second photo is of their next door neighbour Un, mother of four and who runs a small eatery in the compact space in front of Sokhom's tiny wooden home. She has a wicked sense of humour and is always smiling and joking whenever I'm in her company, usually at my expense! Its not unknown for her to chase after me with a pair of red-hot tongs straight from the open brazier. Friends like these are priceless.

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