Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ear to the ground

I recommend you cast your eyes on Andrew Symon's detailed review of Building Cambodia by Helen Grant Ross and Darryl Leon Collins at Asia Times Online here.

Seth Mydans' latest report from Cambodia for the International Herald Tribune focuses on the S-21 photographer Nhem En, who has been called to testify as a witness at the forthcoming Khmer Rouge Tribunal. Read his story here.

The story of 3 African footballers currently plying their trade in Cambodia with Phnom Penh Empire can be found at Times Online here.

The Star Online from Malaysia brings a report on a Cambodian bird-watching venture that is helping to conserve the species and benefit the locals. Sam Veasna and WCS are doing great work in the field as I've previously reported, so its great to see them getting some well-deserved press attention.

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