Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Angkor's New Museum

The brand new Angkor National Museum
The Angkor National Museum (ANM) now looks set to open its doors in December. After a few false starts the building is looking almost complete and exhibits are soon to be shipped into the new museum from the nearby Angkor Conservation Depot and from the National Museum in Phnom Penh. Also included in the ultramodern new building, which you can see on the main road to the Angkor complex, will be a cultural mall which will house restaurants, shops, a library and a spa. Its set to cost foreign tourists $12 to enter, $3 for Khmers, and the museum's aim will be to show visitors Khmer cultural heritage through various collections that will be displayed in eight galleries. The galleries will be: 1,000 Buddha Images; Pre-Angkor Khmer Civilization; Pre-Angkor Religion & Beliefs; The Great Khmer Kings; Angkor Wat; Angkor Thom; Story from Stones; Ancient Costume. It will house an 80-seat theatre where visitors can watch multimedia presentations featuring stories about the Khmer empire, while audio tour guides will be available on request in various languages such as Korean, Japanese, French, Chinese and Thai. Find out more at the ANM website.

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