Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Onset with Living Dangerously

Look out for a new dramatic feature film called Living Dangerously, sometime in mid-2008. The photo above was taken onset during recent filming in New York, under the production of Vibol Films, the brainchild of Vibol Sok Sungkriem, the film's director. The film is about hard choices for a group of Cambodian-American teenagers, and doing what you need to do to survive whilst living on the mean streets of the Bronx, a mirror of the director's own tough upbringing in New York. Vibol Sok credits his love for filmmaking as his salvation from those mean streets of his youth. He has been behind the camera for ten years now working on community projects, documentaries and freelancing. He's worked on several projects such as Race Against Time, co-directed Pump Your Back, boom operator for Dante’s Girl, directed Déjà Vu and written several screenplays. You can find out more about Vibol Sok - pictured below on the set of Living Dangerously - here.

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