Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Paperback Press

Thank you Mr Postman. This morning he delivered a new paperback publication of Bun T Lim's memoir, Surviving Cambodia, The Khmer Rouge Regime, recently published by Trafford in the UK, USA and Canada. Bun himself, sent me a copy of the book which I will delve into very soon and review as part of my book review page on my website. Its the story of his survival and flight to America, alongwith his mother and two siblings after his father was killed by the Khmer Rouge in the '70s. The book is dedicated to his mother, who passed away in February 2005. You can read more about the book and Bun here.

I'm currently reading, and getting angrier with each new page of Kenton Clymer's Troubled Relations: The United States and Cambodia since 1870. America treated Cambodia appallingly throughout the period in which Clymer documents shocking revelations as to the contemptuous way that successive American administrations handled the relationship with Cambodia and its people. Two other books I currently have on the go are the self-published Climbing Back Up by Kim Chou Oeng with Marchelle Hammack, and the Sam Sotha diary-memoir with his own drawings, In The Shade Of A Quiet Killing Place, published by Heaven Lake Press.
I recently posted a blog article on author Many Ly and her children's book, Home Is East. In Spring of next year, her second book, Roots and Wings will be published. The author arrived in the United States, where she lives, as a Cambodian refugee. Visit her website here.

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