Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rice Fields Restaurants

Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh has Prek Leap, where the city's residents love to go for food and entertainment, especially at weekends. Kompong Thom's answer to Prek Leap is a little more sedate but well worth a visit, to the newly-created Rice Fields Restaurants. Head out west for a couple of kilometres from the provincial capital - midway between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh - and you'll encounter a collection of up to fifty wooden huts, where a typical Cambodian restaurant will consist of mats and hammocks and serve up delicious food of your choosing. The menu can include anything from roast chicken to snails, and much more. And as the sun sets, the emerald-green rice fields, which surround the restaurants, come alive with a loud chorus of frogs. These new additions to Kompong Thom's dining experience are well-frequented at weekends and as few foreign visitors know about this hidden treasure, make sure you don't miss out. Contact Sokhom in Kompong Thom and he'll be happy to take you out to his sister-in-law's new restaurant for your rice fields restaurant experience.

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Randominc said...

Hello Andy,

I remember and appreciate your support on your little film-that-could: "Last Seen at Angkor," shot on DV while backpacking through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Well, it's finally been released worldwide on DVD through Lifesize Entertainment in NY. It's available on,,, and many more retail sites.

Pass the word on to any of your readership who might be interested. They can peek at the trailer at (or

Thanks for your support of indie guerrilla filmmaking and for your enthusiasm for such a beautiful country.

-Michael R. Morris