Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Film Shorts

Here's a few snippets of film-talk with a Cambodian link.
Animation outsourcing company Compact Disc India have plans to produce a film called 'Guru of Sex', based on the life of Osho Rajneesh. CDI Managing Director Gautam Seengal said; "This entire project will involve an investment of $16 million and will be shot in Laos and Cambodia," adding the company is trying to rope in Hollywood actor Sir Ben Kingsley for the film, which is expected to be released in 2009.
The Discovery Channel are to shoot an episode of a new series "Ancient Bones" in Cambodia. The program producers are sending 13 teams all over the world - Cambodia, Peru, New Mexico and so on - to shoot episodes, with a mystery relating to bones. Shows are expected to hit the Discovery Channel beginning January 2008.
Reviewer Jenny Lauck tells us that in six hour-long episodes of Flying - Confessions of a Free Woman, a documentary made for television, Jennifer Fox maps the world of female life and sexuality today – from the dramatic turns in her own life to the stories of women around the globe that shed light on the universal issues all women face. Filmed over five years, Jennifer traveled to over 17 countries in search of what it means to be a free woman. The segments in filmed in India, Pakistan, Cambodia and with Somali women in England were very powerful. Arranged marriage for prepubescent girls, sexual abuse, female circumcision, young women shamed or forced into the sex trade, rape, the value of virginity, and even murder of daughters by parents was discussed matter-of-factly between Fox and her subjects.
Tony LaHood, a Voices.com voice actor, brings a unique authenticity and interpretive skill to his projects, most recently in the upcoming documentary film "Rain Falls from Earth." He started his voice acting career during a 12-year stint as an advertising copywriter. As the story goes, Tony wrote and directed numerous advertisements for radio and TV, possessing an intimate knowledge of not only his advertising copy, but how it should be interpreted for maximum impact. After directing many an agency-hired voice actor in session, Tony quickly realized that not only could he do better voice acting, but that being in front of the microphone looked like a lot more fun than writing copy. Since his voiceover specialty is trustworthy and reassuring delivery of a message, it's no surprise that corporate and documentary narration comes naturally to him. Recently, Tony was a member of the cast in "Rain Falls from Earth", an upcoming documentary film narrated by Sam Waterston, that deals with Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. He has also voiced numerous podcasts and industrial and corporate videos, and performs live comedy and improv on a regular basis.

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