Sunday, November 19, 2006

The most famous Khmer movie actor?

These questions are always open to debate, but you will find many a supporter who'll agree that the most famous, handsome and gifted male Khmer movie actor of the '60s and '70 was Kong Song Eurn (also known as Kong Seum Eeum and Kong Sam Oeun). Starring in many movies from that golden period of Khmer film-making, Kong (pictured) lost his life, like so many of the well-known faces from the silver screen, during the Pol Pot regime but his work lives on and can now be viewed on YouTube. Perhaps the most loved film of that period, a typical story of boy and girl romance, was Orn Euy Srey Orn, starring Kong and his female lead Virak Dara. Shot in 1973, it contains songs from the undisputed king of that period, Sinn Sisamouth, and can now be viewed on YouTube. I believe Kong was survived by his brother, Kong Chantha, who was a well-known singer. If you can fill in some of the blanks about the life & times of Kong Song Eurn, please let me know.


Andy said...

Thanks to Nate, here's a bit more about Kong Song Eurn.

"i'm not sure how many siblings he had but i think he had a brother by the name of kung som'ath and another brother kung chantha who was a singer in the 60's and 70's. i believe kung chantha survived the khmer rouge and is now a monk. he released a cd for chlangden production in the mid or late 90's before entering monkhood.

Kong Song Eurn starred in many movies and was very popular. heres a few:

pale dael trov youm - with vichara dany & kim nova
cheevuht ahphorp - with kim nova
puthisen neang kong rey - with virak dara
tavery meas bong - with vichara dany & saom van sodany
sovannahong - with saom van sodany
preah chan koruhp - with saom van sodany
ahbol kasame - with saom van sodany
enao bosiba - with saom van sodany
on euy srey on - with virak dara
sopasith - with virak dara
mouy mern alai - with vichara dany
chan kreufa - with saom van sodany
tep soda chan - with vichara dany
neary sohk pous - with dy saveth
kroper charavan? - with dy saveth (not 100% sure on this one could've been chea yuthon)
panh chapor theavy - with vichara dany,
and many more...."

Meanwhile, Boros provided the following info:
"He's related to my grandmother in some way, lemme try to ask her or my mom to see if they had any connections when he was still alive. I also heard that he's related to Tep Rindaro......Oh! don't forget his other surviving brother Kong Sophy."

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
May I suggest your correct this: you mispelled his both names. In fact, in khmer it's spelled "KONG Sâm Oeun". Usually his female partner was Dy Saveth who lived nowadays in Paris with her boy-friend or husband, an old frenchman.

Andy said...

MDKhmer kindly supplied a few more of the films that actor Kong Song Eurn has starred in:

- Si Yin Kuy - Kong Sam Oeun & Vichara Dany
- Chivit Knong Plerng Songkream - Kong Sam Oeun & Kim Nova
- Tum Teav - Kong Sam Oeun & Vichara Dany
- Tirk Pnek Ler Knorng Phnom - Kong Sam Oeun & Dy Saveth
- Preah Chinavong - Kong Sam Oeun & Dy Saveth
- Sampong Pka Cha - Kong Sam Oeun & a new actress, Pka Rozet may be?
- Lum Orng Puthichat - Kong Sam Oeun & Pka Rozet
- Sdach Damrei Sar - Kong Sam Oeun & Dy Saveth
-Polto Aphop - Kong Sam Oeun & a new acress
- Chak Det - Kong Sam Oeun & a new actress
- Kondoeng Sampon - Kong Sam Oeun & Dy Saveth
- Chao Sratorb Chek - Kong Sam Oeun & Vichara Dany
- Trapeang Peay - Kong Sam Oeun & Vichara Dany
- Pous Troung Oun Tov - Kong Sam Oeun & Rath Muny

and many more....

Anonymous said...

Si Yin Kuy was starred Vicharadany and Chea Yuthon.

Anonymous said...

Si Yin Kuy starred Chea Yuthon and Thith Vicharadany

Kirrirom said...

wooow you remember many movies. The movie Pijayvongsa staring Jea Yuthorn i want to see that movie. Pheapyohn Roeung boran a long time ago. The song by Sin Si Samout and Pen Ron is from that movie sound track. The song Bondaet Kboun leng tam Kongkea.

They showed that movie at Khmer new year during the 1960 and 1970s outdoor for everyone to see for free. At the Bhudis temple in the field they shown Khmer movie until dawn a.m in the morning. I remember they shown the Movie Vimean Chan Starring Jea Yuthorn. That was older movie. It has a holly man helped i think Vichara Dany got blown by the wind from the sky. Lok Ta aeysei helped her (holly man ).

I remember the movie Chao srotorp Chek i never seen that movie only the preview on the pickup truck and picture. That movie is from Roeung Preng Nitean Khmer.

What is the movie from the song phlov chaek jea bei? it start with chak jevit khyom chaek jea bei jevit et ney Knean serey sos laey. haha is Kolap pailin made into a movie? The movie Phka Trobaek Prei. The song Lear Haey Pailin Lear Khlen Romdoul lear pheap prae proul kam pea reusya lear prei lear Phnom lear bar yikha lear krup anusa ...

I saw a movie a turtle eat trokourn, what do they call trokourn in English it is a plant that grown in the ricefield. It is not a big deal but i have seen that movie when i was a kid. That move staring Jea Yuthorn, Vichara Dany and Saksi sbourng.

I saw the movie Puthachat i think starring Van vanak.

I only know a litle because i never can go to the movie i was too young, when Khmer rouge won victory i was 8 years old. But i saw a few movies at the movie theater in Cambodia with an adults.

Kirirom said...

Hello Mr. Brouwer,

I add a link to Khmer Movie before April 17 1975 pol pot.

The movie name Dara Vichai Malai Soriya.

Just click on my nickname to watch the Khmer Movie, Thank you advance,

Anonymous said...

Cher Andy :

Permettez-moi de corriger les précédents posts et je peux vous garantir que mes information sont exactes.

* Il y avait trois films qui parlaient de " Krapeu charavann " réalisés par Dy Savet de Sovan kiky Production :

1) Kray Thorng neng Krapeu Charavann sorti en 68 interprété par Kong Sam Oeun et Dy Savet.

2) Champa Thorng sorti en 70 ou 71 joué par Kong Sam Oeun et Dy Savet

3) Krapeu lok nén ( son titre d'origine )sorti en 1973 joué par Chea Yuthorn et Dy Savet

* Si Yin Kuy ( Van Chan Production, réalisé par So Man Chhiv ) : Kong Sam Oeun et Vichara

* Chivit knong Pleung Sangkream : Nop Nem et Kim Nova

* Tom Teav ( origine Teav Ek ) ( Indrak Tevy Production réalisé par Biv Chhay Leang ) : Kong Sam Oeun et Vichara

* Preah Chinavong( Prasath Meas Production réalisé par Saravuth ) : Yi Kilèn ( peu connu )Vichara et Kim Nova

* Sampong phka Cha( Ta Prom Production réalisé par Kong Sam Ath ) : Kong Sam Ath et Vichara ( Kong Sam Oeun jouait un second role du coté de Som Bopha )

* Lum Orng Puthichhat( Angkor Wat Production réalisé par Kong Sam Oeun ) : Kong Sam Oeun et Vichara

* Sdach Damrey Sor( Sovan Kiry Production réalisé par Dy Savet ) : Van Vanak et Dy Savet

* Polto Aphob( Korng Pech Production réalisé par Chhea Nuk ) : Kong Sam Oeun et Vichara

* Chak Det( Bak Sey Than Suo Production réalisé par Yvon Hèm ) : Kong Sam Oeun et Vichara

* Kondoeng Sampon ( Prasath Meas Production réalisé par Saravuth ) : Chea Yuthorn et Vichara

* Chao Sratob Chek( dexième version ) : Lim Sophan et Bo Ravy ( nouveaux stars )

* Trapeang Peay( Hemapean Production réalisé par Ly You Sreang ) : Kong Sam Oeun et Vichara

Mes réponses à Kirrorom :

* La chanson Bandèt Kbon Lèn vient du film Pichey Vongsa (Chea Yuthorn et Vichara )

* Neang Vimean Chan( Sovan Kiry Production réalisé par Dy Savet ) : Kong Sam Oeun et Dy Savet

* Chao Sratob Chek ( voir plus haut )

* Andek Si Trakuon ( Hemapean Production réalisé par Phek Samphén ) : Chea Yuthorn et Som vansoudady

* La chanson Phlov Chèk Chea Bey vient du film Phlov Chèk Chea Bey réalisé par Chhuon Chhay (Kong Sam Oeun Vichara Nop Nèm et Kim Nova )

Sachant que je parviens à dénombrer environ 270 films khmers des années 60-70 dont:

- 105 pour Kong Sam Oeun

- 90 pour Vichara Dany

- 49 pour Chea Yuthorn

- 39 pourSom Van Soudany

- 38 pour Kim Nova

- 28 pour Dy savet...

A bientôt,

Anonymous said...

is there are a way to see those movies.