Thursday, November 23, 2006

Can you help Sitthy?... & Sok Sreymom

Saem Sitthy is just 23 years old but three months ago her life changed forever when she was diagnosed with kidney failure. Up til then Sitthy's passion was to help her fellow Khmer people, and contribute to the development of her poverty-stricken country. The daughter of subsistence farmers in Battambang, she had graduated from university with an outstanding record and was working in the NGO field, most recently in children's rights. Quite simply, she and her family are unable to afford the necessary medical expenses to sustain her life, so friends of this courageous young woman are seeking monetary help. You can read more about Sitthy's plight at

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In my desire to bring to your attention some of the Cambodian singers entertaining the Khmer communities in the USA and beyond, I'd like to introduce you to the beautiful Sok Sreymom, known as the Khmer Siren, who moved to the States twelve years ago and has been winning over fans with her exquisite voice and graceful beauty ever since. Before her move, she was recognised as one of Cambodia's best actresses, appearing in many films, television shows and karaoke videos and spent two years travelling with King Norodom Sihanouk's entourage as a cultural ambassador. As a child, she lost her father during the Khmer Rouge regime and ran away from home at sixteen before being spotted and introduced into the movie business. Today her star is shining brightly amongst the large Khmer community in the US and you can find out more about Sok Sreymom at her website or on her MySpace webpage.

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