Monday, October 16, 2006


Its hard to believe that its already a week since I was avoiding the pigeons and the water seeping up through the pavement, to marvel at the splendid Piazza San Marco and the medieval St Mark's Basilica at the far end, so neatly mirrored in the waterlogged square. Venice is a great city to wander around though the crowds in the Piazza meant we had to queue for nearly an hour to visit the Basilica and its prized mosaics, on raised boards to avoid the water. One incident brought a loud cheer, when three nuns in full regalia, took off their shoes and pop-socks to wade through the ankle-high water. And yes, that is a pigeon entering the photo from the left.

* * * * *
Updates from the folks at PEPY have now been joined by Daniela Papi's regular blogging from Phnom Penh, where she is setting up their brand new office. If you can't recall what PEPY are all about, they're a non-profit organisation supporting education projects in Cambodia including building schools, a Bike-to-School Program aimed at increasing access to education, and support for a variety of education initiatives across the country. Read Daniela's blog here and the PEPY site at

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