Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Putting Cambodian cuisine on the map

A look at the food available in Cambodia is the focus of a story in the Asia Sentinel today. Click here for the whole story. However, contributor Phil Lees advises visitors not to hold overly high expectations. “Cambodia isn't the lost food utopia of Asia,” he says. “It might be when it gets much richer, but for the moment a large proportion of Cambodians eat for survival rather than purely for pleasure.” Lees is the man behind the blog Phnomenon, and says he enjoys eating and writing about Cambodian food “partly because Khmer cuisine is delicious, and partly for the sense of discovery that I feel when I come across foods that are new to me.” Carry on writing Phil. I recommend you visit his blog, its well worth the effort.

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cyn said...

Hi Andy,

I found your website and blog while doing some research on Cambodian grass roots humanitarian projects. I am currently in the U.S., undergoing the rigorous process here of establishing a personal charitable foundation to undertake work in S.E. Asia.

My desire is to ultimately learn more about programming in Cambodia and determine where we can provide assistance to organizations that have proven to be successful in their endeavors to help women and children help themselves out of poverty. I wonder if you can comment in any way on this, given your extensive experience in Cambodia.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.