Saturday, August 18, 2007

More on Pepy

My friends over at Pepy are gearing themselves up for their third Pepy Ride in a row from 23 December. This multi-week bike ride will bring travelers across Cambodia, from the ancient temples of Angkor to the beaches of Sihanoukville. Along the way riders will learn about Cambodia from Pepy’s partner organizations, teach environmental lessons at local schools, and experience the beautiful rural landscape that Cambodia has to offer. By the way, National Geographic Adventure featured this trip as one of their “Trips of a Lifetime.”

Following that trip, on 26 January 2008 they begin their first-ever Temple Safari Cycling Trek. This trip combines a cycling expedition to distant temples and stays in modern safari tens with the chance to visit Angkor Wat with students from the Pepy school. This trip highlights remote temples which travelers usually have to spend hours in a car to visit You will spend nights in the only safari tents in Cambodia, and have the chance to experience these beautiful temples in the mysterious lights of dawn and dusk, when no one else will be there. This trip does not involve the typical amount of "volunteer" opportunity offered on other Pepy Tours as they are heading into new areas, but we will have the added bonus of spending a day with a class of students from The Pepy Ride School. Through this experience, you'll also learn more about Pepy and education in Cambodia and have a chance to see what their donation funding supports.

Finally, a new documentary is in post-production that will feature the work and members of Pepy. Its called Changing the World on Vacation – NGO Volunteers and the Politics of Compassion and you can find out lots more about it here. Independent documentary filmmaker Daniela Kon is the brains behind the feature, which was inspired by volunteering with various NGO's in Thailand, India, and Combodia in 2005/2006 and grew into an investigation into the moral complexity of devel-opment work and the personal and political boundaries of sustainability.
Link: Pepy.

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