Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Menu For Hope

Cambodia Now author and food blogger Karen Coates has sent me this message - she's on the look-out for your help.

"Please help fight world hunger. And a special plea to friends of Cambodia: please help spread the word about this year's Menu for Hope. Once again, food bloggers around the world are uniting in a raffle called Menu for Hope, with proceeds going to the UN World Food Programme (last year's raffle raised $17,000 for Unicef). Bloggers have donated hundreds of tantalizing prizes, from dinner certificates to cookbooks to care packs. I'm personally offering two prizes: a signed copy of my book, Cambodia Now: Life in the Wake of War; and a dinner invitation to Romdeng restaurant in Phnom Penh. I hope you can help. Each $10 raffle ticket gets you a shot at the prize of your choice (if you don't like these two, you'll have plenty more to choose from). Plus, your $10 will feed more than 34 hungry people. Please see my blog, ramblingspoon.com, for full details. And please help publicize this information to your network of friends and colleagues. Thanks and happy holidays."

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James said...

Also, Phil from cambodian food blog http://www.phnomenon.com is offering half a kilo of Kampot pepper and a meat tray.