Monday, January 08, 2007

Cambodia - here I come!

Like a runaway train, my next trip to Cambodia will be here before I know it. I catch my flight on Thursday of next week (11th January) and will be walking through the doors of Pochentong Airport into the heat and humidity of Phnom Penh the next morning. So its been a tad busy at my end in the last week or so, hence my tardiness in posting blog articles. My sincere apologies to my readers.

In addition to prepping for my forthcoming trip, I've had an exam at work (I thought I finished my last exam during my O-level's some thirty years ago!) and there's also another topic that's been taking up most of my free time...though for the moment I'll keep that one under my hat. I'll announce it when I get back from Cambodia in early February.

In the meantime, I'll post a couple of topics, including a newspaper report from 1985 that popped up on the Sacrava Toons blog today, all about the exceptional cartoonist Bun Heang Ung, a friend of mine who lives in Australia and produces biting satirical political cartoons about the current situation in Cambodia. Bun also produced the animated banner at the top of my personal website with a visual of me on a moto in Cambodia. I still owe him a cheque!!! Seriously, I love it. There's a chance he might come to London in February - I'd love to finally meet him in person. We've emailed many times and I penned this webpage about him, a couple of years ago. Click here. The book he wrote of his experiences under the Khmer Rouge is a dramatic read and has a wealth of his cartoons in it, so make sure you get a copy if you can.

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